Thursday, November 15, 2012

Death may come, but on Angel feathers shall fly

Death is a part of life. There are times that it seems to be a villain, but what people don't realize is it part of the cycle. We are all born, we grow, have kids, grow old, and we rejoin mother earth. Death is sorrow and sadness, but it is something to also rejoice in. It takes away the pain from the suffering and is reborn into new life. A constant circle. We don't disappear just because our human life ends, we are reborn into the grand plan that is designed for us. Last Saturday, my uncle passed away. It wasn't how I thought he would leave this reality. I always saw him old and gray barking at the it was his time in the mother's plan. He loved every part of his life and in the end was ready. I use to fear a child I would have nightmares and wake up screaming. I could hear the crunching sound of the soil being shoveled onto me. The smell of the dirt literally would wake me from my slumber. And I could never share these dreams with anyone. Now that I am a parent I help my kids embrace the facts of life and not fear them. You make what you will of this life, it is your choice. Do good and be rewarded. Do evil and be punished. Its that simple, there should be no sugar coating when it comes to facing death. Rejoice, for one day you will be reunited. And that's what I do....rejoice.

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