Thursday, January 20, 2011


I really don't have much to say at the moment but just wanted to acknowledge the world and my readers. Everything is okay just alittle empty...I'll have a better post for tomorrow:)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am a lover not a fighter

Now this blog post I must give dedication to my bff~Moo. She is a strong, big-hearted, loving friend and mother. But don't let the warm female heart decieve you, she is also a fighter. She would be my nomination for Mom of The Year (if we ever had something like that) due to her struggle to be the best mom she can be. She is a single mom with three beautiful boys, plus she is a FT student. She is my partner in crime and my fellow cake bud. We hope and dream to open our own business, a bakery that will be kid friendly and a mom's fav. (but thats another blog) Moms like my friend Moo can relate to the simple trials and tribulations of motherhood. She is raising her boys by herself, FOB is MIA. She has so much strength and passion for her family. I look up to her and remember that I am lucky to have my hubby there to help me. I know I could do it without him, but I choose to do it with him. Moo was alot of help during my "alone" period. I love her for the support she gave me. Including the shoulder to cry on, snot on, and cry on some  Yes! It is hard to be a single parent, and yea I've been there for a time frame myself. When you are a single parent you have to be both the good cop and bad cop. Single parents have to be stronger due to the fact of not having the other parent in the picture. You have to dedicate all of yourself to your kids and maybe just maybe you might have 5 mins to take a shower without a child around, or read the funnies in the newspaper, or even be able to have a cup of coffee with the girls. I don't forget that some of our single parents out there are dads, we feel your fustration and pain. Props to all the single father out there taking care of their business.  You have to fight for whats going to be the best for your kids. Relationships for single parents is hard as well. You cant give that person the full commitement that a single person with no kids can give someone. Because you already have a commitement to someone......Your Kids! I'm sorry to say that people who don't have kids can't relate to what you are going through, nor can they understand. There really is only a few people out in the world who are willing to accept your life and your kids. They want the whole package, not just certain nights with the mom for alittle "doctor love" special treatment. Those kinds are rare and should be treasured. The rest of the people out there its half n half. So if you are seeking love that is good, you should have love in your life....just don't put that person before the little people in your life. Cause they will love you no matter what you look like, how much money you have, or if you are good in bed. They will love you no matter what because you are : MOM.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

The definition of sibling: are people who share at least one parent. The definition of rivalry: condition of competitiveness: the condition or fact of competing with somebody or something.

With these two words put together you have sibling rivalry: a type of competition or animosity among brothers and sisters, blood-related or not.

Okay enough of the lesson. I guess I have endure this war related phrase enough in my life with my little sister. Now that I have kids myself, well WW1 & WW2 have nothing on my kids and their constant battle of the wits, sex, and age. My daughter is the oldest (soon to be 8) and my son is literally the baby of the group (soon to be 6). They have half brothers inbetween them who are closer to my daughters age than my sons. But just my two can stir up craziville. You have to remember we use to do this to our parental units. So we should know every battle plan up front, but we don't we get sucked back up into it all. We find ourselves screaming eventually, pulling our hair out and grabbing the closest bottle of Advil we can get our hands on... "He won't leave me alone! Shes touching my ironman! He...blah blah blah goes on and on. Then all of a sudden its quiet, I almost poke my head in the play room just to make sure they haven't killed each other... and there they are playing like good little boys and girls. In America, we generally give the continuous greeting: Welcome to Motherhood! A good tip to remember especially when you have more than one and they are one of each sex: A balance life is a happy life. I do not show favorite to either of my babies, because they both are my fav. Since they are two years apart it is easier to give them both the same rules and chore list. Both are responsible of cleaning their beds and rooms up. Putting their own clothes away, helping with clearing the table after dinner, and working together as a team. We have been doing the piggy bank system as well. It seems to be working, so maybe peace and harmony is not too far from being a part of my life....To other moms out there with more than one child I feel your pain. Just remember to WHOO-SAH (relax)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

when i grow up i wanna be ....

As a mom, I look back and think about what I wanted to be when I grew up... a nurse, a vet, a poet... I think I finally agreed on the perfect job: a housewife and mom. Yeah, that sounds so old fashion but I really didn't have any ambition to become anything more. Now, you can't possibly be a stay home mom/wife unless you marry into some money. Today's society is the middle class. So its hard working two jobs, plus having time for your kids and spouse. For my kids I will definetly teach them the hard lesson of not dreaming ahead will lead you down my path. I hope my kids have the ambition to prosper into great careers that will lead them down the road of family and marriage. I hate missing out on the fun and important things my kids do right now because I am at work. My youngest always tells me,"Mommy don't go to work stay home and hang out with me, I don't need any toys!" Breaks my heart anytime either one of my kids pleads for me not to go to work, but bills have to be paid. Always let your kids dream and dream may take away some of the pain in the future.

Friday, January 14, 2011

When you're not here

I was facebooking earlier tonight. I have notice alot of people with the same picture for their profile pics. I didn't recognize the guy. After asking around on FB I found out the guy's name was Brandon Garner. He went to the same high school as I did. He died yesterday from a brain tumor. I don't know or even remember if I knew this person back in school or not. Unfortunately, I can't say that we were friends. But I feel the sorrow from my friends who could say that this man was a dear and beloved friend to them and others. My prayers and love go out to them all. I know what loss feels like. I recently lost my great-uncle, he passed away after a long battle with Parkinson Disease. It was his time to go and be at peace. Death is only the beginning....never the end.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Date Night is Very Important

All moms can agree that "Date Night" is an important ritual. I love being a mom and having my kids but I know that I need at least a couple hours to myself to enjoy being me. As an individual, you share your life with family, friends, hobbies, and work. So as a parent, it shouldn't change just because you have a responsibilities to your offspring. Thats what is so great about the american babysitter. If you choose to get a babysitter it is always important to get someone that you know or that has been referred to you by a friend. I generally don't have to worry so much about hiring a babysitter for date night, because I have my parents. They give me and my husband a night to ourselves. This is so important for married couples or parents who are together. It helps keep the family relationship strong when you are able to give each other your full attention. I don't ever want to be in a situation where I have to choose which is more or partner. So tonights our date night and we are planning to go to Rhythm Brews in downtown Greer for music trivia....Hope you all have a great night!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cookies...Must Sell Cookies

I remember when I was a little girl and my mom had me in Girl Scouts. I loved it, we got to go camping, do arts n crafts, and meetings every week. I now have the chance to do the same things with my daughter. Of course, the activities are alittle bit different but we still sell Girl Scout Cookies. Some have changed but the ones from our childhood are still around. I feel things like Girl Scouts are important to child development. My daughter appreciates being able to spend time with other girls her age especially since she has a brother and not a sister. Cookie season is here so if you are in the upstate sc area definetly hit me up. Cookies are $3.50 a box but the proceeds go to the Girl Scouts and the troop you buy from. If you are in another state or area make sure to look up your local Girl Scout troop and support our daughters. I hope my daughters children will have the same opportunities as I did. I love GS Cookies!

To be clutter or clutter-free that is the question

It is so hard to keep a clutter-free household especially when you live with a large family. Yes, I am one of the many who still live at home with my parental units. But thats another blog. I started to get upset at the fact that my two kids rooms were in complete ruin. I wanted to turn into that big ugly monster and go crazy, but I can't be mad at them when I myself am not setting a positive example. So instead of becoming the crazy mom, I calmly went in and helped direct them to properly clean up their rooms. I feel it works better when you are in the room, helping them rather than yelling at them and leaving it up to them to clean. Somewhere I read that you have to work together as a family unit to make it a happy home. Our children clean up their messes when they are in school. I am sure the teacher doesn't let them tear up the room and leave it...What special powers does a teacher have that I don't have? *They are not "Mom" and thats that.* I know alot of you moms out there are nodding your heads in agreement. Our children want our attention. I am not perfect mom and I don't claim to be. But I do believe in making chores like a game...No I am not Mary Poppins....Just like adults, kids can get overwhelmed with clutter and mess. So turn up the radio and make cleaning fun!