Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To be clutter or clutter-free that is the question

It is so hard to keep a clutter-free household especially when you live with a large family. Yes, I am one of the many who still live at home with my parental units. But thats another blog. I started to get upset at the fact that my two kids rooms were in complete ruin. I wanted to turn into that big ugly monster and go crazy, but I can't be mad at them when I myself am not setting a positive example. So instead of becoming the crazy mom, I calmly went in and helped direct them to properly clean up their rooms. I feel it works better when you are in the room, helping them rather than yelling at them and leaving it up to them to clean. Somewhere I read that you have to work together as a family unit to make it a happy home. Our children clean up their messes when they are in school. I am sure the teacher doesn't let them tear up the room and leave it...What special powers does a teacher have that I don't have? *They are not "Mom" and thats that.* I know alot of you moms out there are nodding your heads in agreement. Our children want our attention. I am not perfect mom and I don't claim to be. But I do believe in making chores like a game...No I am not Mary Poppins....Just like adults, kids can get overwhelmed with clutter and mess. So turn up the radio and make cleaning fun!

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