Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am a lover not a fighter

Now this blog post I must give dedication to my bff~Moo. She is a strong, big-hearted, loving friend and mother. But don't let the warm female heart decieve you, she is also a fighter. She would be my nomination for Mom of The Year (if we ever had something like that) due to her struggle to be the best mom she can be. She is a single mom with three beautiful boys, plus she is a FT student. She is my partner in crime and my fellow cake bud. We hope and dream to open our own business, a bakery that will be kid friendly and a mom's fav. (but thats another blog) Moms like my friend Moo can relate to the simple trials and tribulations of motherhood. She is raising her boys by herself, FOB is MIA. She has so much strength and passion for her family. I look up to her and remember that I am lucky to have my hubby there to help me. I know I could do it without him, but I choose to do it with him. Moo was alot of help during my "alone" period. I love her for the support she gave me. Including the shoulder to cry on, snot on, and cry on some more...lol  Yes! It is hard to be a single parent, and yea I've been there for a time frame myself. When you are a single parent you have to be both the good cop and bad cop. Single parents have to be stronger due to the fact of not having the other parent in the picture. You have to dedicate all of yourself to your kids and maybe just maybe you might have 5 mins to take a shower without a child around, or read the funnies in the newspaper, or even be able to have a cup of coffee with the girls. I don't forget that some of our single parents out there are dads, we feel your fustration and pain. Props to all the single father out there taking care of their business.  You have to fight for whats going to be the best for your kids. Relationships for single parents is hard as well. You cant give that person the full commitement that a single person with no kids can give someone. Because you already have a commitement to someone......Your Kids! I'm sorry to say that people who don't have kids can't relate to what you are going through, nor can they understand. There really is only a few people out in the world who are willing to accept your life and your kids. They want the whole package, not just certain nights with the mom for alittle "doctor love" special treatment. Those kinds are rare and should be treasured. The rest of the people out there its half n half. So if you are seeking love that is good, you should have love in your life....just don't put that person before the little people in your life. Cause they will love you no matter what you look like, how much money you have, or if you are good in bed. They will love you no matter what because you are : MOM.

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