Saturday, January 15, 2011

when i grow up i wanna be ....

As a mom, I look back and think about what I wanted to be when I grew up... a nurse, a vet, a poet... I think I finally agreed on the perfect job: a housewife and mom. Yeah, that sounds so old fashion but I really didn't have any ambition to become anything more. Now, you can't possibly be a stay home mom/wife unless you marry into some money. Today's society is the middle class. So its hard working two jobs, plus having time for your kids and spouse. For my kids I will definetly teach them the hard lesson of not dreaming ahead will lead you down my path. I hope my kids have the ambition to prosper into great careers that will lead them down the road of family and marriage. I hate missing out on the fun and important things my kids do right now because I am at work. My youngest always tells me,"Mommy don't go to work stay home and hang out with me, I don't need any toys!" Breaks my heart anytime either one of my kids pleads for me not to go to work, but bills have to be paid. Always let your kids dream and dream may take away some of the pain in the future.

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