Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Remember Me?

Okay, so it seems to have been too long since I posted anything. Call it "writer's block" but my mind had been put on pause for a little bit... So much has happen and I am sure that moms out there can relate to it. You wake up one day, look in the mirror and you don't even recognise yourself. Life gave me alot to look at and correct in my little world of happiness. I lost a friendship due to infidelity with my partner, but most of all I had to be the wall for my kids during the time apart from their father. Time definitely heals all wounds. This all accrued back in June 11' and I have cried, screams, cried some more, and started to heal. So, you may feel I may have even cracked that barrier of sanity and crazy town... Well in all honesty, yeah I hit rock bottom and I hit it HARD! But in life you can dwell on all the negative things and wither up and die or you can acknowledge it and grow from it. I am so thankful for my kids, they were the motivation to get up everyday and go through the day. Trust me, I just wanted to die. I wanted to drown in the hurt and sorrow of my broken heart. It is really hard when you loose your partner, spouse, boy/girlfriend to someone else, especially when that person was suppose to be your bestie. I'm sure you are wondering if I happen to beat the crap out of that person.... No. I did the opposite. I forgave and I actually thanked her. She gave me another one of life's challenges and I survived it. From time to time she calls or texts me, I know she misses me but that is her loss. I won't be her friend again not because of her going after my husband but the breaking my heart part. You need to forgive, but no one said to forget, lol OK :) I mean we are not born complete idiots. Okay, as I said I am catching up on what you have missed in the two years. So as of now I am currently involved, and surprisingly its my ex...We have been together for so long now going on 13 years that honestly he is the only man I can stand to be with for long periods of kids are doing better and as "MommY" well I have set down some house rules to not repeat this last disaster and we both have learned from all of this to not neglect the important people and things in this life. I feel we appreciate our lives together as a family and as a couple more now than we ever have. We actually moved into a new place back in July and come Valentines Day 2013 we will be celebrating our first anniversary back together....

Well I guess that gets you caught up and I promise to have more posts in the future...

Good Tip: Wake up every morning and don't look at yourself in the mirror first but kiss the person next to you in bed, and smile!

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