Friday, May 17, 2013

The Leather Bound Book Called Life

 As children, we dreamed of the whole fairy tale romance at least once in our lives. Picture perfect dream, yeah that's the one. Shame we loose those dreams as we get older. I always try to encourage my kids imagination to run free and wild, because it will fade into the shadows of tea parties and super heroes. I was what you would consider a traditional romantic. I believed marriage was a one time thing and once I was someones "Mrs." happiness would be unlimited. The whole pretty picture...the house with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a lovely dog named Skip. I know, you're probably thinking is this woman for real? Well I was young when I married, just turned 23 and had a 5 month old babe to care for. I didn't know I was wearing the rose colored glasses. I believed in everything that person said to me and thought nothing could hurt me as long as I was loved by him. Well, let's just say 14 years later and I am a whole lot wiser. LOL. As parents, we don't want our kids to repeat the same mistakes we did as youth. I guess I owe my mom an apology for giving her so much grief as a child. Children today are mesmerized by the telly, the social networks, & the internet and how glamorous life looks. They want to grow up so quickly to experience what "real life" is that they forget how old they really are... My daughter is at that age where boys are no longer these gross, germy creatures but potential heart throbs....SUPER SCARED! I try to explain to her to not grow up so quickly and to enjoy still having the freedom to dream. Yes, I do have a son as well but luckily he is still into WWE and being a boy. :) She wants so much to be my lil clone. As a mom, I worry alot! She only has 8 more years till she is considered an adult and time is like a ticking time bomb in my favor. I wish there was a pause button or even a rewind button to correct the mistakes in the past... but we are not that lucky... Life will go on and I have to do whatever I can to be a part of her life. Enjoy the splenders of joy and the tears of heartbreak. I know that things with her father and I have been the rollercoaster of the decade and maybe she is just trying to find her own piece of happiness. I just hope I get to keep her my lil young lady for just a bit longer. After all, she and her little brother have to be there to give me away.... Yes I will be going for that dream again only this time I have the right guy. The love of my life. Till next time, Moms...just breath!

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  1. it would legitimize you more if you spelled breath- breathe- 'a place to breathe'