Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Rosy Colored Glasses Have Come Off

Okay, its been alittle bit of time apart from the last post. So to catch you up on whats been going kids father once again has left the building only this time the door has been welded up shut. As women, we understand the dedication and commitment just like our male companions. But for anyone who has had their life turned upside down because their partner is selfish and doesn't take what their actions will do to you or the children in the relationship should be smacked. Point and simple. I am generally a very trusting creature, and my trust with a particular person has been shattered. Do not say it is my fault, do not blame your actions onto others.... we chose a life together. The thing that sucks the most is the children get caught inbetween the crossfire of the parents. They are innocent, reassure them that both parties love them and that it will not change. And for pete sake's remember that the kids are half of both. So if you bad mouth the other parent, the kids will see it as they are half bad. Please DO NOT Do that! As adults, we have to maintain the security of the household for the young. That is our job. Yes, I was mad! Yes, I felt betrayed! I am not going to lie that I felt abandoned and belittled, but I have my kids and life will go on. The event of my world crumbling was end of Feb 2013, since then I have stayed strong and taking care of my family. That is all we can do. Be the adult and survive through all the ugliness because we are the parents. Since then, my life has had a new beginning and a new love. There is hope for all who have suffered through this same fate. Take control of your own lives and do not look back. I wish everyone out there a blessed day and I look forward to you visiting my blog again soon. :)

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